Chloe & Jake

Continuing with the Studio theme I welcomed Chloe and her younger brother Jake into the studio for me next shoot. Both were amazing and a real pleasure to work with. They say “never work with kids” well I must say I was amazed at how easy they both made this shoot for me. Thanks Chloe and Jake. Images below……………..

Chloe & Jake
What you looking at!
You & Me
Lean on Me
Blue Silk
You Found Me
Reach for the Stars

Studio shoot with Scarlet and Roxy

As the weather has started to chill I’ve moved inside to the studio for my next shoot (a lot warmer for sure). My too young models were Scarlet and Roxy. Scarlet took the task with great enthusiasm but poor little Roxy was lets say a little overwhelmed on the day, but we got there in the end. Some of the images are on view for you to see………….



Is it my turn now
Hide & Seek
And Turn
Little Princess
Over There Dave
Look at Me
And Finally